Tuesday, 17 April 2012


By providing your address to the project, you acknowledging that it will be passed to another participant anonymously in order to fascilitate your participation. If you wish to recieve a book more than once or more than one book, you acknowledge that your address may be passed anonymously to more than one other participant.
Your address will not be used for any other purpose and we will act responsibly to protect your privacy.
All the books will remain the property of the Postal Book Project. Artists retain the rights to their works but acknowledged that their work may be used by the Postal Book Project for promotional purposes for future exhibit without further permission. Your submission of work will be deamed as an acceptance of these terms.
All work submitted in your name must be your own. However, you may collaborate to produce a contribution. Just let us know so we can credit everyone properly.
Artists will recieve notification of the use of their work for promotional and exhibition purposes. By submitting your work to the project, you acknowledge that it may be used for promotion and exhibition even in the event of your resignation.
We reserve the right to request the return of any book at any time.
A copy of each book will be made available online once all have been returned and filled with arty goodness.

Entry Fees:
There will be no formal charge for participation in the Postal Book Project. However, you will be expected to cover the costs the P&P when you pass a book on.

Successful Applicants:
You will be notified of your success by email and may accept or decline a place on the project then.
You may choose how many or how few books you engage with.
You may remove yourself from the project at any time. However, you will be expected to return any books you may have recieved or are expected to recieve at the time of your resignation. You will also be expected to cover the costs of this.

Abuse:   Any abuse of the project will not be tolerated and will imediately negate your participation in it.   If you suspect the project has been abused in any way, please report it to: postalbook2012@googlemail.com

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